10 Pro Tips for Better Eyebrows

Your brows are what give definition to your face and frame your features. The wrong eyebrow can completely change your look. Brows can make you look angry or surprised if done incorrectly, so it’s important to know what brow is best for you. Here are 10 pro tips for better eyebrows.

  1. Full Brow Shape
  2. A full brow shape is a timeless look that never goes out of style. Eyebrow shapes and colors may come and go, but the traditional full brow that isn’t over plucked will always be on-trend. If you have thinner brows, the easiest way to grow them out is to avoid touching them for at least eight weeks as that amount of time tends to be a full growth cycle for the hairs to come out.

  3. Brush
  4. Like the hair on your head, your brows also need to be brushed so that the hairs can be placed where you want. A brow brush or spoolie wand will help you shape the brow hairs into the direction you want them to go and prep for brow makeup application.

  5. Fill Them In
  6. Most of us have sparse areas of our brows so filling them in with a brow makeup product is ideal. Pencil and powder makeup look more natural. Wax and pomades will give a stronger brow look. Always blend the makeup with a spoolie or brow brush to avoid too much product on the brows.

  7. Color
  8. The color of your brow makeup is important to make sure your brows don’t look overdone. Stick to your natural eyebrow hair color or one shade lighter. Also, choose brow makeup that are cool toned so the brows look more natural.

  9. Highlight
  10. If you desire a more arched shape than what you naturally have, try highlighting. Choose an ivory eyeshadow and apply it to the brow bone and on top of the arch. This will reflect light in those areas which give the illusion of a lifted and arched brow.

  11. Maintain at Home
  12. Maintaining your brows at home in between salon appointments is key for well-kept brows. Tweeze stray hairs as they pop up within the first few weeks but make sure not to over pluck. Also avoid tweezing too close to the brows themselves so that you don’t accidentally ruin the shape.

  13. Trim
  14. Our eyebrow hair can grow long and outside of the shape we desire. Trimming the brow hairs between appointments will help keep a well-groomed look. Use small brow scissors for precision. Take care to go slowly when trimming because it’s easy to trim too much hair off at once.

  15. Brow Gel
  16. Tinted or clear brow gel is essential to achieve a full brow look and enhance the shape of the brows. Brow gel helps the hair stay in place all day, and tinted gel gives a slight color to the hairs.

  17. Condition
  18. Just like the hair on our head, our brow hair also needs conditioning. Use an eye cream on the brows at night to keep the hair and skin hydrated.

  19. Professional Shaping
  20. Professional eyebrow services such as eyebrow threading is ideal for precision shaping. A professional will also determine the best brow shape for your face as well. Threading is perfect for those with sensitive skin since waxing can damage the skin around the brows.

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10  Pro Tips for Better Eyebrows