10 Winter Beauty Mistakes to Avoid

Winter isn't a time for forgetting to look your best; it's the time to rise to the challenge and help your skin glow despite the chill in the air. These tips can help you look your best throughout the chilly months.

#1. Skipping Sunscreen

You don't just need sunscreen when it's hot and sunny. The sun's rays can still damage your skin, even on cold winter days. Use a daytime moisturizer that provides broad-spectrum protection with at least SPF 30 protection.

#2. Long, Hot Showers

When the weather dips below freezing, it can be very tempting to turn up the heat in the shower and spend some time enjoying the steam. The problem is long, steamy showers compromise the lipid layer of your skin that holds in moisture. Shorten your showers and/or reduce the heat to keep your skin moisturized.

#3. Under-Moisturizing

As humidity and temperature drops, the dry, cold air can destroy the moisture in your skin as moisture evaporates from the surface. To avoid dry, itchy, flaky skin, use a rich moisturizer day and night.

#4. Failing to Exfoliate

As your skin dries out in the winter, it leaves dead, flaky skin on the surface. Skip the clogged pores and dull complexion by keeping up with your exfoliation routine. You can try chemical exfoliators or a physical exfoliator with beads or granules.

#5. Avoiding the Sun

While too much UV rays can damage your skin, you still need sunlight. A bit of sunlight every day helps your body create vitamin D while reducing the sleepy feeling you may get during the winter.

#6. Ignoring Your Hands

Your hands go through a lot in the winter: lots of sanitizing, heater vents while driving, and dry, cold air. Keep your hands warm and hydrated by wearing gloves when you go out. Use a moisturizing hand soap and rich lotion and apply a cuticle oil every day.

#7. Not Wearing Lip Balm

Don't lick your lips; it will only dry them out further! Combat splits and chapping with the right lip balm. Choose a rich conditioning formula, not a waxy balm that won't nourish your skin.

#8. Not Clarifying and Conditioning Your Hair

Your scalp and hair also get flaky and dry during the winter. Once a week, clarify with apple cider vinegar in the shower. You can also use a rich hair mask weekly to maintain your hair's luster and volume.

#9. Applying Too Much Bronzer

During the summer, bronzer gives your skin a sun-kissed glow. While you can still use a powder for winter contouring, too much bronzer can make you look way too out-of-season and unnatural.

#10. Forgetting Your Eyebrows

You don't want to lose your sharp brow shape just because the weather is turning chilly. In fact, when you're bundled up and your makeup is muted, your brows will be more obvious. Crisp, clean brows aren't just for summer; stay on top of your grooming by keeping your eyebrow threading appointments every 2-3 weeks during the winter months.

10 Winter Beauty Mistakes to Avoid