5 Eyebrow Mistakes You Are Probably Making

Your eyebrows are one of the most important features on your face. Even though they don't always get the attention of your eyes or mouth, they are a defining factor in how you are perceived. The shape and condition of your eyebrows can make you look young and healthy or old and tired. Make sure you take care of your eyebrows and avoid these common mistakes.

  1. Over-plucking Your Eyebrows
  2. Before you grab your tweezers, take a minute to study your eyebrows and see what really needs to be done. It's far too easy to get overzealous when the tweezers are in your hand and you're right next to a magnifying mirror. See the forest before you pluck the trees. Step back and evaluate your eyebrows. Pluck only the stray hairs that fall far outside of the brow line, and then step back and evaluate again. When you move slowly and methodically, you can avoid the dangerous temptation to pluck every hair in your path.

  3. Picking the Wrong Shape
  4. Shaping your eyebrows correctly can flatter your face by making it appear skinnier and more defined. Luckily all you need is a pencil to start mapping out the shape that works best for your face. Take a pencil and line it up from the outside corner of your nostril directly up and past the inner corner of your eye. This is where your eyebrow should begin. Now take that pencil and run it from the same outside corner of your nostril through the center of your eye. This is where your arch should be at its highest. Lastly, angle the pencil from the outer nostril to run past the outside corner of your eye. This is where your eyebrow should end. If your eyebrows have grown too wild for you to determine your shape easily, consult a professional at an eyebrow threading salon or department store makeup counter.

  5. Wide Eyebrow Gap
  6. No one wants to have a uni-brow. But you want to be careful not to over correct and pluck every stray hair between your eyebrows. When you widen the gap between your brows too much it can make your expressions look unnatural. Use your tear ducts as a guide and make sure you aren't plucking any further inside past that point.

  7. Skipping Products
  8. Eyebrows need to maintain their shape and style just the way your hair does! Invest in some eyebrow gel and a good eyebrow pencil. Use the pencil to fill in any sparse areas and sweep some light gel over your brows to make sure they set in place.

  9. Over Applying Products
  10. Investing in some gel or an eyebrow pencil is a great idea. But you want to apply with a light hand. Caking on makeup too think can make your eyebrows look painted instead of natural. When using an eyebrow pencil, use short, light strokes. Eyebrow gel should also be applied lightly, similar to a light coat of mascara.

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5 Eyebrow Mistakes You Are Probably Making