5 Reasons Eyebrow Shaping is Important

Why You Should Keep Your Eyebrows Shaped

It has been argued that eyebrows are the second most important feature on a person's face after teeth. They have the potential to impact on your first impression. With such level of relevance, it, therefore, goes without saying that you need to ensure that they are shaped by the very best in the industry. It is for this reason that EBT exists to ensure you are well taken care of as far as beauty services are concerned.

We go an extra mile to become your partner in ensuring you not only get quality services but also value for your money. We work with the very best in the industry; this way we do not compromise on our quality at any given time. We also issue personalized services to make our clients feel at home with us. Below are some of the reasons why eyebrow shaping is very important:

  1. They give you a rested look
  2. Sometimes, our ways of life do not allow us much sleeping time especially with strict deadlines to beat, work, school work, and exams to study hard for and so on. On the contrary, you still want to walk into the office looking fresh and rested as ever. This is actually very easy. It has been proven that proper eyebrow shaping helps your face to look rested.
  3. You can escape with no or little make-up
  4. When you are rushing from one workstation to another with little time to do or refresh your makeup, it may feel uncomfortable. This is because makeup has been known to create that good feeling since it comes with an increased level of confidence. You should not be worried since we got you! Did you know that with proper eyebrow threading you can escape with little or absolutely no makeup at all? Well, this is absolutely true!
  5. It makes you look like you had an eye lift
  6. Expressions on the face are everything. You can be saying much with your face without even opening your mouth. For instance, threading makes you look like you just had an eyelift. A face that is able to show emotions is attractive, and this can be achieved with our quality threading services.
  7. Threading creates softened facial features
  8. Once again, soft facial features bring out the impression of a relaxed person and hence approachable even. It is therefore very important to ensure your threading is done by the very best to keep your facial features soft and likeable
  9. When properly shaped, your face look brightened
  10. There is nothing as amazing as a bright face! It is a face that has the potential to close business deals, and we understand this at EBT. It fosters confidence and brings out a level of optimism. Quality eyebrow shaping brings out your face making it seem bright and clear.

Eyebrow shaping may not take too much of your time, but the effect has a lasting impact. Therefore, it is essential to do it right; this means identifying the best partner; someone you cannot second-guess and one who assures quality services. At EBT, we got you covered for this.

5 Reasons Eyebrow Shaping is Important