6 Tips to Consider Before Getting Eyebrows Threaded

Vital Brow Threading Factors

Threading can be a convenient, hassle-free, safe and comfortable way to get the clean and defined brows you covet. If you want your eyebrow threading experience to go as smoothly as possible, however, it can help to do a little research in advance. These six tips can help you prepare for brow threading like a champion. They can also help you determine whether or not you're a suitable candidate for the process.

  1. Find a Reputable Professional
  2. It's critical to get all threading work done by an experienced and trained professional. If you want extra confidence, ask questions. Find out what type of training an expert has. Ask how many years of threading experience he or she has. Inquire about licensing as well.

  3. Understand That Mild Redness Isn't Cause for Alarm
  4. Don't panic if you get somewhat red after your threading session. Slight redness is totally commonplace. It generally goes away all by itself in the span of several hours, too. It can help to put a cool compress on any redness.

  5. Expect to Go in for Regular Touch-ups
  6. Regular touch-ups are par for the course for people who get brow threading. If you want your eyebrows to remain in A+ shape, then it's optimal to get touchups in intervals of two weeks or so.

  7. Understand That You Should Keep All Products Away From Your Brows for a While
  8. Refrain from applying any products on top of your brows immediately after your threading session is complete. You should refrain from product application for a minimum of two hours. Once the two-hour window has gone by, you can resume use of makeup, facial cleansers, and facial creams. Your goal in waiting is to stop bacteria from making its way inside your open pores.

  9. Know That Eyebrow Razors Are Off-Limits
  10. Steer clear of eyebrow razor use in the middle of threading appointments. Eyebrow razors are problematic for people who go the threading route. They remove hairs from the surfaces. This is reminiscent of shaving. Eyebrow razors don't have the ability to fully do away with hairs. They, because of that, contribute to the emergence of particularly thick growth. Employing eyebrow razors can cause the development of pesky stubble and ingrown hairs. Eyebrow razor use is a problem in that it can make people markedly more susceptible to excessive hair removal.

  11. Relax and Know That Threading Doesn't Hurt Much
  12. Brow threading makes a great option for people who wish to avoid the pain and discomfort of waxing and plucking. If you have a low pain threshold, threading shouldn't be a big issue for you. It can lead to subtle stinging. This generally goes away immediately, however.

Set Up a Threading Appointment

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6 Tips to Consider Before Getting Eyebrows Threaded