7 Beauty Tips for Corporate Women

A woman’s facial looks are essential to her. That is why the beauty industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the market today. However, makeup can sometimes be overdone. There is a thin line between what kind of makeup looks right and which one is just too much. Makeup should be done differently depending on the occasion. With this in mind, corporate women are sometimes at a loss on what is acceptable for the workplace and what is not. Workplace makeup has to produce a professional yet pretty looking face, and we at EBT are committed to ensuring that you achieve that look.

However, remember that beauty is not just about makeup, it is an all-around grooming. We will discuss the seven beauty tips that every professional woman should know.

Beauty Tips for Working Women

  • Stick to a light eye makeup. Remember, this is an office you are going to not an outing. A lot of women make a mistake when it comes to eye makeup. They go for the smokey eye look or vibrant eye shades. However, make-up artists make it a point to advice women to do a light eye makeup which includes a neutral eye-shadow, mascara, and a light eyeliner. It will highlight your facial features but also leave you looking professional.
  • Work on your nails. Women tend to put on very long fake fingernails. However, it should be different when it comes to work premises. We recommend that you to keep your nails short and clean for a neat and healthy aspect and by using the best nail products on the market.
  • Avoid perfumes with strong nauseating scents. Perfumes are a must for any woman. But women are recommended to use light smelling fragrances that will not go irritating everyone you come across.
  • Put on a pair of presentable shoes and ensure the shoes are clean at all times. Do not wear sandals or slippers to work. High heels and closed flat shoes are acceptable.
  • Ensure that your skin is taken care of by moisturizing. Moisturizing your skin will give you a healthy looking skin. Also, ensure that your lips do not remain dry. Moisturize them using a lip balm.
  • You can put on a light blush. Do not overdo on the blush. Put on a blush color that compliments your skin tone.
  • Get enough rest and drink water regularly. It will leave you looking young and fresh. Eye bugs are not pretty, and you want to avoid them at all cost. However, if they happen to come, you can conceal them using a concealer.
  • EBT Overview

    EBT has a mission, and that mission is to bring together businesses that are in the beauty industry and help them reach their goals. We allow salons to enlist in our site and as a result, they can stand out from their competitors. We are especially interested in eyebrows and keeping them groomed. We encourage eyebrow threading because we believe many benefits come as a result of threading. We have found threading to be better than any other method of hair removal.

    7 Beauty Tips for Corporate Women