8 tricks that will help you achieve the best eyebrow


Women are self-conscious when it comes to their look. The society at large places a certain level of pressure on women to look good. This pressure may be due to the Hollywood mentality which depicts women in their perfection. As a result, a lot of beauty trends hit the market on a daily basis. One of the most popular beauty trends is the brow trend. Brows play a significant role in enhancing a woman’s beauty. However, you have to be careful about how you handle your brows. You want them to look beautiful, not ridiculous.


At EBT, we are committed to ensuring that you achieve your dream brows. We believe that the brows are one of the most important features, that help enhance your eyes. That is why we offer eyebrow threading services to suit your face structure and enhance your strong features. EBT is an online directory service that brings together businesses in the beauty industry. Our mission is to help beauty salons grow and reach their goals. We also love helping women who are struggling with maintaining their brows. Therefore, we will discuss some tricks that can help you pull off the best brow look.

Tricks for Best Brows

• Let your brows grow out. Letting your brows grow out will make them fuller and make it easy when shaping them. They will also help you determine their natural shape.

• Before trimming your brows, study your face structure and trim them accordingly. Doing this will help add elegance to your face.

• Choose a good pair of tweezers and start trimming. Try to get rid of stray brow hairs. However, ensure that you do not trim too much and end up thinning your brows. It is advisable to tweeze after taking a shower. Wet brows are less likely to irritate your skin. After tweezing, it would be proper to lubricate your brow bone to avoid inflammation of your skin.

• Go for a shade that is a shade darker than your hair. Choosing a darker shade will help bring out your facial features.

• Fill out your brows. You can always use a pencil, powder or brow pomaded. People with thin brows are advised to use a gel. The gel will help add volume to the brows. Beauty experts recommend that you stand a distance away from the mirror when filling your brows. Doing this will help you study them better.

• Work on your brow arch. The arch creates a youthful illusion and will make your eyebrows look more lifted.

• Brows will not always match. Therefore, do not try to force them to look alike. However, their difference should not be easily noticeable by others.

• Let your brows be the last part of your makeup routine.


Every woman craves to have the perfect brows. However, most women think that it is too difficult to achieve this look. There is always the option of seeking professional help. But with the tricks listed above, you can try it out at home.

8 tricks that will help you achieve the best eyebrow