Easy Ways to Maintain Your Brows at Home

Learning how to maintain your eyebrows at home in between appointments is a must if you want to have well-kept brows at all times. The brows frame the face and give overall definition to your look, so it’s important to learn how to upkeep your brows yourself between salon appointments. Here are easy ways to maintain your brows at home.

Tweeze Stray Hairs

If you have a few stray brow hairs that pop up, carefully tweeze them away. Do not attempt to do a DIY brow wax or eyebrow threading at home because those types of hair removal are difficult to perform on yourself. To tweeze successfully, fill in the brows and then tweeze any stray hairs that are above or below the shape.

Hide Overgrowth

You can easily hide eyebrow hair overgrowth in between appointments with makeup. Start by applying an eyeshadow primer to the entire eyelid and brow area to make sure the makeup stays in place all day. Then choose a concealer that matches your skin tone and lightly pat the concealer onto the hairs with a small makeup brush to hide the overgrowth. Set the concealer with a matching face powder to lock in the makeup.

Add a Highlight

Another way to conceal brow hair overgrowth is to use highlighting makeup. Select a matte or shimmery ivory shade of eyeshadow. This helps to conceal the hair and also adds an uplifting look to the brow which creates an overall youthful appearance to the face.

Choosing the Correct Brow Makeup

It’s important to enhance the brows with a little bit of brow makeup such as an eyebrow pencil. Use the brow pencil lightly to add natural definition and fullness. Be careful to choose the appropriate brow pencil shade because going too dark can cause an overly dramatic effect.

Brow Color

Maintain your eyebrow color at home with a tinted brow gel. A tinted brow gel will keep your brow hair color consistent and also help keep the hairs in place all day. Stay away from at-home hair dye on your brows because those dyes are not meant to be used on the eye area. Opt for a tinted brow gel instead to keep your brows looking fresh between appointments.

Keep Brows Conditioned

Eyebrow hair is just like the hair on our head and needs conditioner to keep it healthy. Use an eye cream on the brow hairs at night since eye cream is safe for that area. Also make sure to use the eye cream on your brow bone and skin around the brows to keep the entire area hydrated. Don’t use hair conditioner on your brows because the ingredients may not be eye safe.

Stay Away from Trimming

Unless you’re an expert, trimming your brows at home can actually be very difficult to do on yourself. If you want to try trimming your brows, use a brow gel to shape the hairs and then trim the hairs that are poking outside of the shape.

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Easy Ways to Maintain Your Brows at Home