Eyebrow Grooming: a Guide for Men

When it comes to first impressions, people expect a lot from you when it comes to style. Besides the amazing smile, people also tend to look at subtle details like how your eyebrows are shaped. Romero Jennings, MAC Cosmetic’s director, said that “the eyebrows are personal, and they give you an impression. They can make you look weak or strong or powerful. eyebrows will make you approachable, or they will scare aware people.” AT EBT, we take pride in offering the latest content in the beauty industry and we also help beauty salons to reach their objectives through a central online platform that our customers can use.

To help you have great eyebrows, we have prepared for you a guide to help you groom them well.

Where male eyebrows start

On this important step, you need to check if your eyebrows are close to each other or they are far apart. Using a pencil, ensure that your brows start proportionally on the nose bridge. Check it by aligning your pencil from the corner of your nose to your eyebrows.

Where male eyebrows should end

To check where your eyebrows should end, using a pencil, place it diagonally from your nose bridge to the outside corner of the eye. This is the beginning of knowing how you can trim your eyebrows.

Get recommendations

To start you off, you should know where to look for guidance on shaping your eyebrows. Ask a guy who has really great eyebrows for reference on how he has done his and also refer you to where you should go. Avoid going to places where they will trim your thick brows thin, only go to someone who knows how to attend to male brows.

Tweeze or thread

Traditional tweezing or eyebrow threading are good methods that show progression. Even though most guys go for waxing, someone can actually know that you are from shaping up your brows. If you have dense eyebrows and you wax them, you will often notice as if the brows have been drawn, which indicates that you have done something on them; but then you tweeze, it looks natural and neatly done. It is all a matter of preference.

Avoid making adjustments on your uni-brow right away

Uni-brows are age specific. If you are twenty years old and you have a uni-brow, most people consider it a hot trend on a guy. But if you are sixty years old and you have a uni-brow, people will think that you are a lazy old man. People will start to think that you let the hair grow without care even in your ears and nose. Depending on how old you are, a uni-brows can be addressed as time passes by.

Tidy your eyebrows underneath

Most men usually go overboard with this step. Look at your brows and check if there are any hairs that are out of place on the lower parts of the brows. If you see any hairs extending outside, you should pluck these. Over plucking can be tempting but remember that a little bit of plucking will go a long way.

Brush upwards

Once you have tidied up under your eyebrows, it’s time to ensure that the brow hairs length makes your brow look good. To make it look neat, use a brush to brush upwards.


Just like any grooming process, using the right tools is essential to get the best results. If you plan to shape your eyebrows yourself, purchasing quality tweezer will help you create the perfect eyebrows. You can also user scissors made for facial hair, or you can also go for an electric trimmer. Additionally, you can have a tooth comb and a magnifying mirror.

Eyebrow Grooming: a Guide for Men