How to Shape your Eyebrows to Match Glasses

Eyebrows mean a lot when it comes to impressing in specs. You should also know that eyeglasses frames attract attention to the brows. So, make sure you keep your arches finely groomed. These are crucial tips from EBT to enable you to get the perfect eyebrows for your glasses.


We, the EBT are an online directory platform specializing in salon services. Our main work is to pool salon services together and help businesses in this industry realizing their dreams. Therefore, to benefit as beauty salon owner, register your shop with us to have the edge over other competitors. By that, you will attract clients from far and wide and ultimately take your business to the next level. We have enabled many beauty parlors to meet their goals. You could be our next beneficially. Here are the basic tips to know when visiting clients’ salons to enable them to produce from you when it comes to matching eyebrows with glasses.

Keep your Brows Groomed

Groomed brows are very important to every glasses wearer. Stylish frames usually highlight your brows. So, keeping trimmed and tidy is critical. That also applies to those hairs which try to stray. Plucking often is a great way to keep your brows neat. Try using brow waxing strips for a fine finish.

Find the Ideal Eyebrow Arch

Frame your face properly before shopping for glasses to help you choose the right styles to suit your face shape. Poorly plucked brows will seriously compromise that system. Hence, first get the arch sorted out and correctly proportioned to enhance your glasses' shopping experience as advised on.

Fill in Your Brows

For glasses that rest below your brow line, it is important that your brows look neat but not sparse or patchy. The spectacles will attract a lot of attention to your brows. Hence, make sure you apply powder or gel in eyebrow threading. If you like HD brows, go for the bold frames to match.

Sharpen and Highlight

To make your brows look smarter after filling in with powder or eye pencil, apply a light concealer to highlight the area below the brow line. That will help you produce a clean appearance and make your brows look sharp. Prescription glasses for Hyperopia often amplify the visual elements of the eye area especially if it is a strong prescription so keeping your brows neat is very important

Use Gel and Brush to set them

Brushing your brows is critical if you want your makeup to match your specs. Once you have got your frames on, all eyes will be on your brow line so keep them groomed. Brush them to tame mischievous hairs heading in the wrong direction. The latest beauty trend having brows brushed upwards. Apply your gel to set them and do not miss to condition each night to keep them in good shape. For specs which expose your brushed brows, chose the narrow frames.

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How to Shape your Eyebrows to Match Glasses