How to Get Better Eyebrows

How to Get Better Eyebrows

Did you know that besides keeping sweat away from your eyes, your eyebrows play a role in shaping your face? However, growing your brow to facilitate reshaping will take patience, expertise, and time. This is where specialized technicians come in. We will offer you excellent advice and services to attain perfect brows for you.


Seek A Professional

It is critical that you avoid waxing, tweezing, threading, and other brow shaping applications yourself. The best brows that suit or enhance your facial shaping will come from knowledgeable, experienced, and highly trained brow stylists.

You must also avoid leaving your facial hair shaping and removal to local salon stylists who handle this shaping as a side job. Your looks are too important to leave to rank amateurs.

Work with our professional technicians to fix a schedule that works for your unique hair growth and stick with this schedule. The traditional appointment for cleanup is two to three weeks. Avoid tweezing in between appointments. This is because hairs will grow back at differing times, which means you will never have a neat brow for more than two days.

 Filling Your Brows

If you use pencil or cream pot to fill your brows, apply tiny featherlike strokes while using a brush for blending between layers. This creates a natural look rather than appearing like you drew the brows with crayon.

If you use powder for filling, tap your brush before you start and use it to blend between layers. With the two techniques, start from the top always to create that lifted look. Bottom upward filling creates shadow effects.


Pick the Best Option

Eyebrow threading features as the most precise and natural hair removal technique for a line of hair. Waxing will stretch your skin and brings lower precision. This is due to where the wax falls.

Tweezing breaks your hairs and has lower precision since it targets one hair. Micro blading will give you a semi-permanent option to enable our specialists to draw on individual strokes on your brows. This is a tattoo like process.

It is important therefore that you consult professional technicians and pick which method suits you. This way, a specialist will always be on call during your appointment.

 Keep the Right Perspective

Stop using a magnifying mirror and bright lights when inspecting your brows. Take a step back and use natural light. Using magnifying glass lets you see hair too soon which means making your stylist pull hair out too soon. This is bound to lead to ingrown hairs.

 Trim to Acquire an Appropriate Shape

Technicians are proficient in trimming long brow hairs to preserve their shape. They look much fuller once professional technicians trim the tops. Trimming and brushing, particularly if you look to grow them back, is the key to fuller brows.


Your brow has an impact on your appearance. As such, filling, the right shaping options, and keeping proper perspectives are important too. So is seeking proficient service providers. EBT is an online directory service dedicated to beauty salons. Our mission is to bring beauty services together and help businesses in the industry reach their goals.

How to Get Better Eyebrows