How to Get the Perfect Eyebrows

It is, without a doubt, the era of the eyebrow. If you search "eyebrows" on Instagram, you'll undoubtedly get thousands of results, featuring full and bold brows described as "on fleek" or "totally goals."

While brows have always been an important part of a grooming routine, with women and men alike having their brows professionally done as part of their beauty regimen, they've certainly never been this central before. If you're not happy with your brows, then keep reading to discover how you can get them picture perfect.

Start With Skincare

If you want fuller brows but suffer from brows that are naturally sparse, there's sadly not much you can do to force the hair to grow. However, you can take steps to moisturize the area and encourage healthy hair quality and growth. Most makeup artists and spa professionals recommend that you apply your eye cream to your brows as well, as it will act as a sort of conditioner for the hair there. Otherwise, both Vaseline and castor oil are great choices as a nightly conditioning treatment.

Troubleshoot Your Brow Trauma

A lot of us are victims of the mistakes we made a decade ago when thin, plucked brows were in fashion. While plucking your brows a few times won't cause permanent hair loss, repeated plucking can eventually lead to a lack of hair growth. If you're dealing with sparse brows, quit plucking immediately and leave your brows in the hands of competent professionals.

Get Threaded

Threading has been popular in the Middle East and parts of Asia for a long time, but it's only made its way to the West fairly recently. Threading is when a spa professional uses a carefully twisted length of thick thread to create an easy mechanism to pull hair from the skin at the root. While it's certainly not painless, out of all the methods of hair removal, it's the easiest to withstand.

Brow waxing is all well and good, but even the best waxing professionals sometimes inadvertently rip at the skin. With threading, there's little to no risk of skin irritation. Eyebrow threading helps to groom away errant hairs and allows you to achieve the shape that you want.

Use Smart Makeup Tricks

Threading will shape your brows, but it won't add fullness to areas that are a bit sparse, which is definitely the most popular brow trend these days. However, this can be accomplished by using an eyebrow pencil that matches your natural brow color. Using a sharpened brow pencil, lightly create little "flicks" that resemble individual hairs until your brows have your desired fullness. If your brows are already full but you have an issue with your eyebrow hairs staying in place, use a clear mascara or brow gel to keep everything in place.

In the age of the eyebrow, you don't want to fall short. Remember, perfect brows begin with a great threading professional at a reputable salon or spa. Search our directory to find a professional in your area who can help you achieve the perfect brows.

How to Get the Perfect Eyebrows