How to Prepare Your Eyebrows for Threading

We know you desire the perfect brows and maintaining their unique shape and arch. Visiting a professional brow technician is the best tip we can recommend.

These experts understand how every tiny hair counts, and they also know which ones need to go. That's why eyebrow threading has become one of the favorite ways to achieving a gorgeous pair of brows. It's exact and yields incredible results, putting your brows on the map.

The ancient Indian hair removal technique involves the twisting of thin cotton thread rolled over unwanted hairs and then, plucked out at the follicle level. Threading is fast, efficient, affordable, natural, and the technician has precise control on shaping the brows.

Here are beauty tips to help you prepare your eyebrows for threading:

  1. Leave your brow hairs alone, and refrain from doing any kind of plucking for a couple of weeks beforehand. Experts advise going to your threading appointment with the fullest natural brows you have, so the technician can shape your eyebrows at a decent length.
  2. A little exfoliation never hurt anyone, so don't forget the brow bone area when using a facial cleanser that contains a moisturizing scrub. This will remove flaky, dry skin cells and help prevent ingrown brow hairs. It's an extra step to add before your appointment, so the threading technique glides over smoother, cleaner skin.
  3. Keep your eye makeup light and not overly done when you visit your threading expert. If your eyes tear up easily, then, skip the mascara or eyeliner for the session. Don't use brow pencils, brow concealers and brow gels before the appointment either. If you can go with a bare face, that would be ideal. It's not unusual for the eyes to water during the procedure.
  4. If your face is sensitive following any kind of beauty procedure, then, prepare ahead and toss a tube of hydrocortisone cream in your bag to soothe a sore brow area. An antibiotic cream like Neosporin is another effective ointment to put on post-threading. It contains a blend of neomycin, polymyxin B and bacitracin to calm skin and prevent irritation or infection.
  5. Communicating with your threading technician is another essential tip as you get ready for the brow procedure. Speak up and tell the expert how you envision your eyebrows. For example, would you like a serious clean-up, or would you prefer a certain arch shape, etc.? You could always show pictures of celebrities with awesome eyebrows to your threading expert to try and achieve the look.
  6. Be prepared to "help" your brow professional because you will be asked to pull your brow area taut as the technique is being performed. Tight skin will yield optimum threading results. Some discomfort and redness might arise from the procedure, but this is normal and will subside.

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How to Prepare Your Eyebrows for Threading