How to Treat Skin After Eyebrow Threading

Threading is a method which makes it possible to remove hair from your eyebrow so as to give your brows that desired look and shape. The procedure is usually done by a beauty practitioner and it can be painful. A cotton string is used to pull out hair from the eyebrows. The procedure is easy and very natural; however, more often than not, the procedure can injure your skin leaving you feeling itchy or a burning sensation in the area where the hairs have been removed. In this article, we list some proven methods you can use to treat that irritation and keep your skin healthy:

1. Cool the skin

Immediately after going through the threading process, it is common to feel a burning sensation around the area that threading has been done. Some beauty practitioners will massage a cool cream or gel on the area to reduce the burning sensation. If this is not done, ask him or her to apply the cooling gel or you can do it yourself. If your eyebrow starts to itch when you are at home, apply ice and wipe the surface with clean cotton and then apply a cooling cream or a gel.

2. Treat the pain

If you have a sensitive skin, chances are that you are likely to develop pimples, cuts, burns or irritations on the threaded area. You can treat the pain by compressing the eyebrow with some lukewarm water everyday just before taking a shower. You should also dab the affected area with a cotton wool soaked in Hydrogen Peroxide immediately after taking a shower. This will ensure that you recover fast.

3. Moisturize

Moisturizing your skin daily will quicken the healing process. You need to get a good medicated cream which you can apply on the itchy area before heading to bed. You also need to drink plenty of water to help in hydrating your skin.

4. Avoid Sunlight

You should make it a habit of avoiding prolonged sun exposure after any beauty treatment. Prolonged exposure to the sun can worsen the itch and irritation and cause you to develop scars and pimples. In case you have to go outdoors, always make sure that you have applied a good sunblock. You can also use an umbrella to protect your skin from prolonged exposure to the sun.

If your skin feels itchy or you feel some burning sensation immediately after your eyebrow has been threaded, you can use any or a combination of the methods listed above to deal with the irritation.

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How to Treat Skin After Eyebrow Threading