Interesting Facts About Eyebrows

In the last several years, eyebrows have become their very own powerhouse within the beauty canon. From slim and trim to bold and beautiful, their evolution is as varied as clothing through the years. The realm of eyebrows has grown to such an intense magnitude that the industry is booming. However, we saw a gap in people being able to access expert brow care in addition to businesses being able to network. We'll talk a little bit about what EBT does and then provide some fun facts about your brows.

Who We Are

EBT stands for Eyebrow Threading. The goal of our company is to give businesses an outlet to network to other professionals in the industry. By doing this, we strive to create a culture that allows every person to reach their company's goals and grow to an above industry average level. We also provide those looking for a beauty salon a place to go to search out expert service. Additionally, we have an ongoing blog to help ensure people maintain and have access to brow care tips, tricks, and trends.

Interesting Facts About Your Brows

  1. They have a functional purpose beyond aesthetic.
  2. Aside from being the metaphorical frames of our eyes, eyebrows are the literal umbrellas of our eyes. They help keep water, sweat, etc. away from our eyes by diverting liquids to the outer edges.

  3. Eyebrows can have cowlicks just like ones on your head.
  4. Eyebrows are so small, it may seem like the space isn't there for a cowlick to have developed. However, weird waves, corky patterns, and wild hairs can all be linked to a cowlick. When grooming and maintaining your brows, these little nuances can be tricky to navigate in order to keep them looking contained and flawless. That is partially why we wanted a comprehensive place for people to go to access expert technical brow care.

  5. There is a whole lot of hair packed into a little space.
  6. On average, each person can boast 250 hairs per eyebrow. Men or those that rarely pluck can claim numbers in the thousands.

  7. Brow hairs have an extremely brief lifespan.
  8. From the time a new hair breaks the skin until the time the hair loosens from the follicle and falls out, is approximately four months from beginning to end. As a fun aside to this fact, stress levels have major implications on brow growth. High levels of stress can mean that new growth takes longer to fill in.

  9. Eyebrow beautification isn't a new trend.
  10. Women and men alike have been sculpting, filling in, and maintaining their brows for centuries. Thousands of years ago, Egyptians blackened them to give them a solid, dense appearance. The Mona Lisa, which was painted in the 1500s, depicts a woman with no brows at all. Eyebrows have been in their own world of importance since the beginning it seems.

Maintaining and caring for brows is a task that many people have happily taken up. We strive to give professionals an outlet for support and growth while still providing access to them for customers. Eyebrows are a unique and interesting member of the beauty world that we are happy to be a champion for.

Interesting Facts About Eyebrows