Beauty Tips & Tricks to Look Amazing This Holiday Season

Now that the holidays are almost here, you're likely preparing for a number of parties and celebrations with friends, loved ones, and coworkers. You'll be much more confident when attending these events when you look your best. The holidays are also a great time of the year to adopt new beauty and health habits that will keep you looking and feeling wonderful for the upcoming year.

Making sure your eyebrows are neat and shaped properly can make a huge difference in your look. Eyebrow threading is one of the most precise ways to clean up your brows and give them the shape that compliments your face. A professional will help you find the correct shape for your face, and you'll get tips for filling in your brows if necessary. Even if you aren't wearing much makeup this holiday season, brows can make your eyes look bigger and more alert, and instantly make your look more polished.

A signature red lip is also a must-have during this time of the year. Whether you're wearing a sparkly sweater and jeans or a ball gown for a holiday gala, a red lip helps to bring the entire look together. If you have cool undertones, make sure that your red lip has flecks of blue or purple. For warm undertones, red lipstick with undertones of gold or orange are the best. When you wear a red lip, be sure to rinse with hydrogen peroxide or use a whitening pen before your event, since the red can bring more attention to the brightness of your smile.

Makeup with a hint of shimmer is also on trend for the season, which means you can choose from eye shadows, blushes, and highlighters that will bring out the natural glow of your skin. You can choose a 3-in-1 product to add contoured sparkle to your face or select a section of your face to accentuate. For instance, if you're using green or red sparkle eye shadow, choose a muted blush so that your makeup looks balanced. Shimmer highlight with a bronze undertone is best for warm undertones; highlighter with a platinum tinge works well on cool undertones. You can also use your lightest eyeshadow shade as a highlighter when you want a more dramatic effect.

Keep in mind that messy hair is a trendy part of holiday style as well. A messy top knot pairs well with a red lip and carefree braids accented with sparkly or satin hair bows or hairpins are a stylish way to make a great impression at a holiday party.

Finally, remember to keep your skin great condition this holiday season. A great skin care routine keeps your skin from drying out and helps to reduce signs of aging. Moisturizing ingredients in cleansers and toners can also prevent peeled or cracked skin during the winter, which allows your makeup to go on smoother. When your complexion is healthy, you can simply fill your brows, put on a tinted lip gloss and be ready for a casual holiday event.

Beauty Tips & Tricks to Look Amazing This Holiday Season