Read This Before Getting Your Eyebrows Threaded

While there are several different hair removal options, threading might be the best eyebrow treatment technique for you if tweezing leaves you with ingrown hairs and waxing results in skin irritation. Because we want to ensure you get the best experience and results, here’s what you should know about threading before you book your first appointment.

It’s simple

Threading is as simple as it sounds. A trained specialist will roll a thin, twisted thread over your eyebrows quickly, plucking the targeted strands of hair from the follicle. Compared to waxing, threading is a lot faster and less messy.

It’s good for sensitive skin
When it comes to pain, we all have different thresholds and levels of tolerance. Threading might be the most suitable hair-removal technique for you if your skin is sensitive or you cannot stand the pain associated with waxing.

Unlike waxing, threading does not involve a lot of pain though you might find it a little bit uncomfortable. Additionally, threading does not involve the use of chemicals like depilatory cream nor does it remove any skin. Aside from being the safest hair-removal method for those on medications that contain Retin-A, eyebrow threading is also one of the least invasive techniques on the market.

It’s quick
When getting your brows threaded, odds are your session will take less than ten minutes, meaning you can come in between meetings or during your lunch break. Threading is known to be gentle on the skin. However, having your brows threaded right before a date isn’t advisable since your skin might be a bit red afterwards. Aside from being minimal, the redness should fade within two hours.

It’s more hygienic than waxing
Threading is a more sanitary option than waxing.  A reputable salon, should take measures to prevent the occurrence of any infection associated with waxing. Even so, threading remains the most sanitary hair-removal method, especially because there’s no chance the same thread might be used on multiple clients.

It’s best not to wear eye makeup
Wearing some makeup to your threading appointment is not a big deal. But before your therapist starts the process, chances are he/she will wipe it off anyway. Applying mascara and eyeliner after the session might be the best option.

Threading makes eyebrow-shaping much easier
When it comes to threading, every strand of hair is pulled out individually. As such, your hair follicles are much more accessible to your therapist, which makes shaping your eyebrow's natural arches that much easier.

Exfoliate before your appointment
If you're susceptible to ingrown hairs, you should exfoliate the skin around your brows prior to your first threading appointment. In this way, you can minimize the risk of ingrown hairs. Other than that, threading requires minimal pre-appointment preparation. For the follow-up appointment, we recommend you allow a 2-4 week period from your initial session.

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Read This Before Getting Your Eyebrows Threaded