The Ultimate Guide to Perfect Eyebrows in 2018

Beautiful brows can be yours, even if you feel like genetics aren’t on your side. Brows are essential to framing your face and creating your overall beauty look. Full brows aren’t going away. In fact, this trend seems to be here to stay. Here is the ultimate guide to perfect brows for 2018.

Brow Brush

Whether you have a little bit of brow hair or a lot, having a good brow brush is essential. A brow brush shapes the hairs into place and gives you a better idea of how to shape them with makeup. Brushing the brows after applying foundation or face powder also cleans up the eyebrows from unwanted makeup on them. A brow brush is also essential to blending eyebrow makeup after application to achieve the most natural-looking results possible.

Eyebrow Threading

Threading your brows is the best way to create a precise shape. Threading is also ideal if you have sensitive skin since waxing can be harsh and cause breakouts. Brow threading is no more painful than waxing while getting cleaner results.

Shaping with Pencil

Filling in sparse spots of your brows with brow pencil can help to further define and shape the brows. You can go as light or heavy with the pencil as needed depending on how bold you’d like your brows to look. The darker the eye makeup you’re wearing, the heavier and bolder of a brow you can create. Follow pencil application with a little bit of brow gel to keep the hairs in place all day.

Accept Your Natural Shape

Your brow shape is unique to you. We oftentimes get caught up in high arches and sharp brow tails, yet your original and natural brow shape is the best shape for your overall facial structure. Learning to embrace and love your natural brow shape will further enhance your look, so rock what you’ve already got.

Over Plucking

If you’ve overplucked your brows, try castor oil or another type of eyebrow growth serum. It may take time to grow the hairs back, but serums and all-natural remedies will help speed up the growing process. Depending on the growth serum you choose, you can also apply a little bit to your eyelashes for long and lush lashes.

Mind the Inner Corners

A tip to avoid overdoing your brows is to go lightly when filling in the inner corners of the brows. This helps to keep the brow from looking too bold. You can fill in the arch and tail with a pencil for added definition while going light with the pencil on the inner part of the brow.

Bolder Brow Looks

The bolder your brow, the less makeup you can get away with on the rest of your face. The brows can take center stage easily which cuts down the need for applying more makeup. If you do a bold brow look, try a lighter coverage foundation and some lipstick to complete the rest of the face. This will make your look more youthful without going over-the-top with a lot of makeup. is an online directory service dedicated to beauty salons. Our mission is to bring beauty services together and help businesses in the industry reach their goals.

The Ultimate Guide to Perfect Eyebrows in 2018