10 Tips for People with Dry Skin


Having healthy skin is every person’s goal in life. However, due to the sensitive nature of the skin, people encounter different conditions at some point in their lives. One of such conditions is the dry skin. The dry skin comes as a result of lack of sufficient water in the epidermis. Studies show that dry skin is more prevalent among people who are older. However, this does not mean that younger people do not encounter this problem. Some people suffer from this condition for a short period while others suffer through it longer.

Most people with this condition experience white forms of powder on the skin and if the ignored, it may eventually lead to eczema. That is why at EBT, we work towards bringing a solution to beauty issues. EBT is an online directory service that works hard to help the beauty industry grow. We are aware of the problems related to beauty that women go through. We also offer services which include eyebrow threading. Maintaining your eyebrows helps add a certain level of beauty to an individual. However, for people with dry skin, we would recommend the tips mentioned below.

Tips for Dry Skin

  1. Always shower with warm water. Avoid hot water because it can deny your skin its natural oils. Ensure that your showers are not too long. The recommended amount of time is preferably 5 to 10 minutes.
  2. After taking a shower, people use towels to rub their bodies. However, in this case, rubbing yourself is not recommended. Gently pat your body and ensure that you do not forego the moisturizer. Moisturizers help maintain water in your skin.
  3. It is advisable to shave just after a shower. Shaving when the skin is dry can be irritating. However, dermatologists insist that shaving when the hair is wet can help prevent this irritation.
  4. Avoid anti-aging lotions or creams. Reason for this is because they might be a little irritating to the skin. However, if you are in possession of anti-aging creams, ensure that you purchase one without AHA or retinoid.
  5. Use sunscreen anytime you are out in the open. The sun is an enemy to the skin. Protecting yourself from the sun will help prevent wrinkles and dry skin.
  6. Pay a visit to the dermatologist. If skin dryness persists, it is always advisable to consult with your dermatologist.
  7. Scrub your skin once or twice a week depending on the nature of your skin. Ensure that you use a good quality scrubber.
  8. Keep your lips moisturized at all times. Lips are prone to breakage if kept dry for a long time. Scrub your lips using a lip scrubber and then apply lip balm.
  9. Eat foods good for your skin and include supplements if necessary. People are advised to add fish oils to their diet.
  10. Use a good moisturizer. People with dry skin should go for moisturizers which have dimethicone. This ingredient is categorized as a silicone and helps to keep the skin healthy by trapping moisture.

10 Tips for People with Dry Skin