Top 10 Spring 2018 Beauty Trends

With the ushering in of a new warmer-weather wardrobe, Spring is the perfect time to try a new beauty look. Whether you want a complete beauty overhaul, or you’re looking for a simple yet impactful change, here’s the top 10 Spring 2018 beauty trends to try.

Striped Nails

Instead of full-on perfect nail polish, Spring’s biggest nail trend is very minimalist. Accent stripes on just one or two fingernails popped up all over the Spring runway shows, which is easy to achieve using a fine pointed paint brush or fine tip nail polish.


Whether it’s pink-dyed hair, pink eyeshadow, or super pink cheeks, a big Spring 2018 trend is the color pink itself. From pastel to neon, any variation of pink will do.

Hair Accessories

If you’re weary of the scissors, try a hair accessory to liven up your locks. Bigger is better here, with anything from jewels to large clips, and even crowns.

Fresh Red Lips

A twist on the classic red lip is the new version of matte textures with a touch of geranium. Skip fire engine red, and opt for shades that have a pink undertone. If matte lips are too drying, try a gloss or stain version instead.

Supernatural Skin

Spring weather calls for less foundation, and the supernatural skin trend will be big. Instead of high coverage foundation, stick with BB creams or tinted moisturizer, and just a touch of concealer where needed.

Bold Brows

Eyebrows will always be a trend, season after season. Brows are the strongest frame to the face, and well-kept bold brows are a statement. Try professional eyebrow threading to achieve perfect arches without the pain of waxing.

The Boy Cut

The boy haircut was huge all over the Spring runways, and it’s no surprise considering its cousin (the Pixie) is the perfect hairstyle as we approach warmer weather. The boy cut is effortless, and a time-saver compared to the usual beach bombshell wavy hairstyles.

‘90s Waist-Length Hair

On the other end of the spectrum is the ‘90s waist-length hair. The mermaid trend seems to stay strong, but this time with a grunge twist of one-length hairstyles. Use hair extensions to achieve this look effortlessly.

Modern Cat Eyes

The cat eye (or winged eye) is another time-tested trend. For Spring, a graphic take that’s bold and show stopping is replacing the smoky eye.

Glitter and Shimmer

When we thought that high shine was only for the holidays, the Spring fashion runways were abundant with glitter and shimmer. From eyeshadow to even sparkle in hair, shine was everywhere. Pair with a bright pink lip for a bold statement look.

As we get out of the cooler months and look forward to Spring, the beauty trends come alive along with the sunny weather. These 10 Spring 2018 beauty trends can be easily achieved to refresh your look effortlessly. is an online directory service dedicated to beauty salons. Our mission is to bring beauty services together and help businesses in the industry reach their goals.

Top 10 Spring 2018 Beauty Trends