Top Eyebrow Tips to Look Younger

We all want to keep a youthful appearance in our quest to age gracefully. One of the easiest beauty tricks to make us look younger is to focus on our eyebrows. Brows can frame the face and also make us appear older. Here are the top brow tips to look youthful and younger no matter what’s your age.


The shape of your brows plays a big part in the appearance of your overall look. You can look younger by having a fuller brow. Thin brows typically age the face, so opt for fuller brow shapes and use makeup to make the brows appear fuller.

Eyebrow Threading

Threading is the easiest way to shape your brows by a professional. They will help determine the best shape for your face and also make your brows defined and crisp. Threading is the best way to do your brows if you have sensitive skin or allergies to waxing products. Threading is also fast, so you will be in and out of your appointment in no time.


If you have naturally thinner brows with less hair, consider filling in your brows to create a fuller look. Pencil is a better choice over other makeup such as pomades or waxes because pencil looks very natural and you can achieve a precise shape to the brow. Make sure to keep the pencil tip sharpened so that you can have complete control over your application.


The eyebrow makeup color should match your brows and not the hair on your head. Matching the makeup color to your existing brow hairs will keep a youthful appearance. Don’t go too dark in color for the brows because darker colors will age you if you don’t have naturally dark brow hair.

Two Shades

Using two shades of eyebrow pencil can help create a youthful look. Use a lighter shade on the inner part of the eyebrow so that it’s not too dark, then use a color that matches the brow hair on the arch and tail of the brow. Use a brow brush or makeup stoolie wand to blend the pencil colors for a natural look.


Another trick to use for your brows to help you appear younger is to highlight them. Use a lighter colored pencil or eyeshadow that’s ivory or beige to highlight the arch of your brow. This will make your brow appear lifted for a younger look. Also consider highlighting on top of the brow arch to further define the arch shape.


If your brow hairs are long in some spots, try to trim them with brow scissors. Trimming the brows will further enhance the shape and keep the brow hairs looking very groomed and in place for a youthful appearance.

Growth Serums

If you have sparse or thin brow hairs, consider using a growth serum to help grow more hair for a fuller and younger style. All-natural castor oil or serums sold in stores can help grow more eyebrow hair. It may take a few months of daily application, but the results will be worth it. More brow hairs mean less time filling in the brows with makeup for a fuller look. is an online directory service dedicated to beauty salons. Our mission is to bring beauty services together and help businesses in the industry reach their goals.

Top Eyebrow Tips to Look Younger