Top Eyebrow Trends for 2018

The bold and the beautiful continue to describe the way women's eyebrows are ideally supposed to look.

The top eyebrow trends we see for 2018 come straight from the runways of the leading designers. For those of you wanting to return to the pencil-thin brows of yesteryear, we are sorry; you are out of luck for yet another season. Thin brows are not balancing to the features and do not help define one's bone structure.

Our advice to any woman is to put down the tweezers, scissors and waxing techniques. Natural is best and having the patience to allow the brows to grow is essential.

Then, consider visiting a professional. Eyebrow threading is an intelligent way to proceed because an experienced threader creates a smooth, neat line and removes the unwanted hairs out from the roots. This is an excellent method for maintaining attractive, fuller, healthier brows.

Allure magazine noticed four ways to achieve the top eyebrow trends for 2018. Models who walked for Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2018 were sporting the full, strong look, and you can get there too.

1. Proenza Schouler Lines Them Up

Models who showed off the designs of Proenza Schouler also went the extra distance for fabulous full brows with an attitude. Runway professional artist Diane Kendal combined the best of both the skinny and fat brow.

For instance, Kendall drew on a bold line along the top of the models' brows which added more drama and the illusion of heavier brows. The makeup tip also paid homage to the 1930s when women wore pencil-thin brows.

2. Pencil, Gel and Bushy Equal Strong

At the Schiaparelli show, groomed brows weren't the mission. Instead, makeup artists created an androgynous appeal with a straighter shape and fullness. The brows weren't pretty but did appear handsome and defining to the facial features.

To build upon the look, pencil added more intensity, the brow tails were blurred with zero sharpness, and clear brow gel set the attitude. Minimal makeup followed, allowing the brows to become the beauty focal point of the face.

3. Amelia Earhart Inspires Brow Arching

It is possible to change one's eyebrow shape with careful execution using pencils, tinted brow gel and brushing. That's how the Christian Dior show launched its idea of the bold, new brow.

Makeup artist Peter Philips looked at the full, natural brows of famous 19th century women like Amelia Earhart and recreated similar shaping for the models. One of his tips is avoiding the blocky beginning of brows. He starts penciling in a few hairs after the very inner corners of the brows.

Then, he adds tinted brow gel and zigzags the wand to create bushiness.

4. Look - Social Media Sets Brow Trends

To see what's in and what's out, check out social media like Instagram and Pinterest. These sites play a role in dictating beauty and fashion trends. Major magazines also reveal the full, strong brows in ad campaigns.

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Top Eyebrow Trends for 2018