What Is Causing Excess Facial Hair?

All women have hair on their bodies, especially on their faces. These hairs are mostly fine and light in color and may become embarrassing when it grows thick, coarse and dark in color. This may be caused by various reasons including hormonal imbalances and medications. We, therefore, offer you several remedies to this condition at Eye Brows Threading (EBT) Company.

Hormonal imbalances are one of the major causes of increased facial hair in women. All women produce testosterone which is androgen and higher than normal levels, they are known to boost the growth of facial hair in women. One of the main reasons of increased male hormones in women is the Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) a condition which results in cysts growing around the edge of the ovaries. Thus, increasing weight, bringing irregular periods, acne and increasing facial hairs in premenopausal women. Excess hair growth also affects women who have already gone through menopause; this is mainly brought about by the hormonal imbalances due to the adjustment of the body to the menopause process leading to the production of very high levels of testosterone.

The other cause of excessive hair growth is the Adrenal Gland Disorders such as Adrenal Cancer, tumors, congenital adrenal hyperplasia and Cushing's disease. These diseases affect the adrenal gland which is responsible for the production of hormones thus disrupting the body's standard way of producing androgens. There are several medications taken to treat different diseases and may cause increased facial hair. These medications include minoxidil, a drug taken for treatment of high blood pressure which is also used to stimulate hair growth, testosterone which is taken in case of testosterone deficiency in the body, anabolic steroids which are synthetic variations of testosterone and Cyclosporine is an immunosuppressant drug mostly taken before an organ transplant. There are several other causes of facial hair growth these are ovarian tumor and obesity.

There are several therapies for the removal of facial hair; these treatments include shaving, waxing which is very effective especially when done regularly. Bleaching is also a remedy for facial hair as it makes darker hair less visible for a short period. Hair removal creams act on enzymes in the hair follicle providing you with a long-term solution to this problem. There is also electrolysis where electricity is used to destroy hair cells permanently, and this may take you several appointments to get your desired results. There is also the laser hair removal where powerful beams of light are used to destroy hair, and this remedy lasts for several months. Some types of contraceptive pills may also act as a remedy for excess facial hair removal.

At EBT we provide online beauty services, and our primary mission is to bring beauty services and products together to help beauty businesses in the industry reach their goal. We offer facial hair removal services such as eyebrow threading for your hair removal needs. There are fast and straightforward methods that will give you a natural and clean look at the end, and the techniques take 4 to 8 weeks for hair to grow back. Therefore, it is long lasting and suitable for individuals with tight schedules.

What Is Causing Excess Facial Hair?