How to Tame the Most Common Brow Problems

Lush, well-shaped eyebrows continue to trend as a sought-after look. If you don’t happen to possess naturally poised brows, check out these 5 tips for fixing common brow issues.

Sparse brows

Whether your brows are thin from years of over plucking, or if they just happened to grow in sparsely, you can fake it with some well-placed product. Fill in thin brows with brow powder, blending it with an angled brush for a soft look. You can also use a brow pencil to fill in the gaps, but take care not to press too hard to avoid an unnatural effect, or ripping hairs from your brow line.

Wild brows

If the hair on your head is wavy or curly, you might also have bend in the hairs of your brows. Unruly brow hairs can be tamed by brushing them in place with transparent mascara or a brow grooming gel. If you don’t have those products on hand, brush brows into place with a clean toothbrush coated with hairspray. To avoid flakes from product build-up, completely remove any product by thoroughly washing the area with a gentle soap and warm water.

Brows that stick out

Maybe you have nice, thick brows but you wish they didn’t stick out so much. Get them under control with a simple trim. Brush the brow hairs upward with a brow brush or unused toothbrush. Use small grooming scissors to trim the hairs, following the top of the natural brow line. Every few snips, brush the brows back in place to see if you’ve achieved the look you want. If in doubt, trim less at first. You can go back and trim more if needed, but you can’t put the hair back if you snip too much.

Grey hair in the brows

Even if the hair on your head shows no signs of grey, grey hairs can crop up in your brows. To color the occasional grey hair, an eye shadow pencil one shade lighter than the color of your brows can do the job. If you have a significant number of grey brow hairs, opt for a tinted brow gel to cover the greys. If you prefer a longer lasting solution, speak with your stylist about dying your brows.

Lack of arch

If your brows are more of a straight line than an arched curve, make the arch yourself. Using wax or tweezers, remove hair from the arch area, creating a curved line. Always use clean utensils and a magnification mirror. If the DIY option doesn’t suit you, go to the salon for an eyebrow threading session. Threading is gentle on the skin and produces a precise result, making it a strong alternative to waxing or plucking.

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How to Tame the Most Common Brow Problems