The Top 10 Eyebrow Threading Questions Answered

What is threading?

Thought to have originated in India, threading is an ancient technique for removing unwanted hair. We will use a cotton thread, looping and twisting the thread around the hair follicle, allowing for a fast and relatively painless removal. A natural, chemical free way to bring your best features forward!

How often should I get my eyebrows threaded?

To maintain a well-groomed look, it is best to get your brows done every three weeks (depending on how fast your hair grows). It is recommended not to tweeze in between appointments, as this is harsher than threading and can lead to coarser, darker hair.

Why is it better than tweezing or waxing?
Threading is 100% natural! Unlike waxing, there are no chemicals used. Instead of plucking the top of the hair (which can lead to breakage), threading removes the hair at the root, ensuring there will be fewer ingrown hairs. Results often last twice as long as waxing!

Should I prep my brows?
For best results, be sure to avoid tweezing approximately three weeks before and avoid wearing heavy eye makeup. The skin will be pulled taught, and makeup may get smudged.

What should I tell my technician?
Let our staff know if there are any preferences for your eyebrow shape, or if you are trying to grow out sections of your brows. Having a few photos can also help us understand what look you are trying to achieve.

Is it painful?
Threading is considered less painful than waxing, as it does not pull the skin, therefore no skin irritation! Similar to tweezing, threading will take the hair from the root. Minor pain may be experienced during the first visit. Subsequent visits will be less painful, as the hair will become softer and easier to remove.

How long does it take?
A threading session should take about as long as a traditional waxing session would take, depending on your hair removal needs.

What should I expect after threading?
Occasionally, redness can appear immediately after the hair removal. This should not last for more than an hour. If it does, try applying a cool compress, or over the counter topical hydrocortisone. Your beautiful brows will last on average 2-3 weeks.

An added bonus is the smooth, hair-free areas will improve the ability for makeup to better adhere to the skin. Over time, the regrowth will return lighter and less noticeable.

Is threading for brows only?
Threading is a very precise method for hair removal, so it works best on brows, but can be done anywhere on the face! Even the hard to remove “peach-fuzz” can be easily removed with threading.

How safe is eyebrow threading?
All natural, threading is the safe option for hair removal, with virtually no side effects.
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The Top 10 Eyebrow Threading Questions Answered